Support for different languages in In My Shoes


Guides vs other language support
The language spoken by the guide is completely independent of the language used by the rest of In My Shoes. For example, we could operate the program in Norwegian, while using a Spanish guide. Guides can be changed during the course of the program. It is only possible to change the language used by the rest of the program when it starts up.


How does In My Shoes work in different languages?
There are two levels of language support available in In My Shoes - guide-only translation and full translation.

Guide-only translation means that only the material presented by the guide - the video or audio clips (depending on the type of guide) and the related textual material - is translated into the target language. Behind the scenes in the interview documents, the program generates everything else in its default language.

Full translation means that all aspects of the program: the menus; the text of buttons in the preferences; messages from the program that appear in the session record; are translated into the target language.

What languages are available?
In My Shoes is available as a full translation in English or Norwegian.

Guides are available in English, BSL, Signed Spoken English, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish (male or female) or Spanish (Castilian).

If you would like a guide in a language not listed here, please contact us.